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Art Restoration of Teeth

Art restoration of teeth is not only the process of restoration of the look of the tooth but also the preservation of its function. Modern therapeutic dentistry allows correcting such defects as cracks, splits, and gaps between teeth, discoloration of the enamel (stains and darkening) or an ugly form. Before starting the process of teeth restoration, complex diagnostics are performed and, if necessary, caries, gum disease, and other dental problems are treated.

Types of art restoration of teeth

There is direct and indirect art restoration of teeth. In the first case, a direct work with the teeth surface is performed: grinding, extension, correction, and other procedures. Thanks to the complex therapy and art restoration of teeth natural look are preserved without loss of function. That is, the teeth are not only beautiful but also healthy.

Kyiv Art Restoration of Teeth in Ukraine

Indirect dental restoration suggests the use of veneers and inlays – the thinnest ceramic plates that cover the tooth surface and eliminates all defects. The color and the size of the veneers are selected individually in accordance with the wishes of the patient. In Avanto clinics, ultraneers or ultra-thin veneers made from German glass ceramics E.max are used.

Restoration of teeth for anti-age effect

Art restoration of teeth is no less relevant is the artistic anti-aging of a smile. Anti-age effect is achieved by lengthening the line of the front teeth; or, for example, close the darkened space between the tooth and the gum, restore the rubbed corners. The correction of the teeth, in this case, occurs only taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the structure and condition of the maxillofacial region and other diagnostic data.

Teeth Restoration
Photopolymer filling, restoration
2550-5150 UAH

Avanto clinics operate under the license issued by Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We use only certified equipment and high quality materials by the world leading manufacturers. Medical staff has all relevant documents and the narrow field of specialization. Over 29 years of successful work, more than 30,000 patients have entrusted us with their health.

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Avanto (Center) Dental Clinic

стоматология в киеве центр

1. By Metro – Palace Ukraine, walk to the side of Predslavynska St., left turn into Novopecherskyi Lane. The clinic is placed in Prestige Hall residential complex, the entrance is from the side of Vasyl Tyutyunnik St.
2. By car – you can get to the central entrance to the clinic from Ionna Pavla II St. (the former – Patrisa Lumumby St.), turn into Vasyl Tyutyunnik St.

Avanto (Podil) Dental Clinic

киев стоматология подольский район

1. By Metro – Kontraktova Ploshcha, walk on the street Kostiantynivska towards “Zhovten” cinema. The entrance to “cinematographic” arche.
2. By car – you can get to the central entrance of the clinic from Kostiantynivska St. through “cinematographic” arche. It is also possible to park a car in the parking lot near the square on the street Yaroslavska.

Avanto (Pechersk) Dental Clinic

киев стоматология печерский район

1. By Metro – Pecherska, walk on the street Lasya Ukrainka to the side of The Ivan Bohun Military High School. The building where the clinic is placed is located behind the CEC building and has a wave-shaped roof.
2. By car – the first arrival to the central entrance of the clinic is possible from Lesya Ukrainka St. behind The Ivan Bohun Military High School. Also it is possible to get there from the side of Staronavodnytska St., the turn is near the pointer of TSARSKY sport club. The building where the clinic is placed has a wave-shaped roof.