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Prices for dental services in Avanto dental clinics

Prices are in UAH for 2021
The Initial Examination, Consultation, Diagnostics
The initial examination and consultation
600 UAH
Control and diagnostic models (CDM)
420 UAH
Dental X-ray (RVG)
400 UAH
Panoramic dental X-ray
600 UAH
Computed tomography (3D)
800-2000 UAH
700-2200 UAH
Computed T-SCAN diagnostics of the occlusion
2780 UAH
Professional Hygiene
Professional hygienic cleaning of teeth (depending on the amount of plaque)
1950-2500 UAH
Fluorization of teeth
130-1050 UAH
Ozone therapy of teeth
630 UAH
Periodontal Treatment
Computed diagnostics of periodontal diseases
750 UAH
Removal of dental plaque in periodontitis (depending on the degree of periodontitis)
2900-4050 UAH
Primary Vector-therapy
6100 UAH
Maintenance Vector-therapy
4200 UAH
Splinting of teeth
1500-3300 UAH
Photodynamic therapy (without photosensitizer)
1750 UAH
Laser periodontal biostimulation
480 UAH
Plasmotherapy (I-PRF) with periodontitis
1370 UAH
420 UAH
STA computer anesthesia
580 UAH
treatment with Nitrous Oxide
from 1800 UAH
Teeth Restoration
Photopolymer filling, restoration
2100-4300 UAH
Glass inomeric filling
1370 UAH
Tooth Canals Treatment
Filling of one tooth canal
1950-2500 UAH
Refilling of one tooth canal
3320-3870 UAH
The use of the surgical microscope
370-1260 UAH
Dental Surgery
Single tooth extraction
1650-2300 UAH
Complicated single tooth extraction
3450 UAH
Impacted tooth extraction
6900 UAH
Resection of the apex of the root with cyst removal
5250 UAH
Flap surgery of the gum
5800-9250 UAH
Frenuloplasty of the lips, tongue
1650 UAH
2700-2900 UAH
Plasmotherapy (A-PRF) in case of removal, augmentation etc.
1370-2900 UAH
Open sinus-lifting
14600-31800 UAH
Closed sinus-lifting
5700 UAH
Augmentation (increase) of the alveolar ridge
9250-21900 UAH
Dental Implantology
Implant DIOUF (Korea)
12000 UAH
Implant BioHorizons (USA)
22000 UAH
Implant SKY (Germany)
20000 UAH
Implant Ankylos (Germany)
22000 UAH
Implant Straumann (Switzerland)
27500-29000 UAH
Temporary microimplant
7700 UAH
Prosthetics and Orthopedic Treatment
Ceramic Stump Tab
8250 UAH
Ceramic veneer
15500 UAH
Ultrathin veneer (ultraneer)
15500 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown
8250 UAH
Cercon crown
14500 UAH
Ceramic crown
14500 UAH
Crown BioHPP
14500 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant
11000 UAH
Ceramic crown on the implant
15500 UAH
Full removable denture
9300-12600 UAH
Bugel prosthesis (depending on fixation)
21000-25700 UAH
Therapeutic aligners
1650-7550 UAH
Orthodontic Treatment
Orthodontic appliances
4700-15000 UAH
Metal bracket-system (for 1 jaw)
18000 UAH
Plastic bracket-system (for 1 jaw)
24200 UAH
Ceramic bracket-system (for 1 jaw)
28000 UAH
Sapphire bracket-system (for 1 jaw)
32000 UAH
Removable Invisalign aligners
от 146000 UAH
Computer prediction of the outcome of Invisalign treatment
22000 UAH
Fixed retainer
2900 UAH
Teeth Whitening
Home teeth whitening with the use of personal mouthguards
1960-3950 UAH
Hardware teeth whitening Magic Smile
2300-4600 UAH
Sport Dentistry
Sports mouthguards manufacturing
3850 UAH
Pediatric Dentistry
500 UAH
Preventive examination
450 UAH
Panoramic dental X-ray with reduced load
550 UAH
Professional teeth cleaning (milk bite)
850 UAH
Professional teeth cleaning (temporary bite)
1050 UAH
Professional teeth cleaning (constant bite)
1650 UAH
Ozone therapy of teeth
630 UAH
Deep fluoridation of teeth
180-2850 UAH
Fissure sealing
1050-1150 UAH
STA Computer Anesthesia
580 UAH
Caries treatment without drilling ICON (without the set)
2000-3950 UAH
Caries treatment
1600-2000 UAH
Pulpitis treatment
850-2750 UAH
Tooth extraction
530-3550 UAH
Sleep Dentistry
The provision of sleep dentistry services is carried out with a surcharge
Anesthesiologist services are paid according to the price list of «Dobrobut» Medical Center or «Boris» Medical Center
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Avanto (Center) Dental Clinic

стоматология в киеве центр

1. By Metro – Palace Ukraine, walk to the side of Predslavynska St., left turn into Novopecherskyi Lane. The clinic is placed in Prestige Hall residential complex, the entrance is from the side of Vasyl Tyutyunnik St.
2. By car – you can get to the central entrance to the clinic from Ionna Pavla II St. (the former – Patrisa Lumumby St.), turn into Vasyl Tyutyunnik St.

Avanto (Podil) Dental Clinic

киев стоматология подольский район

1. By Metro – Kontraktova Ploshcha, walk on the street Kostiantynivska towards “Zhovten” cinema. The entrance to “cinematographic” arche.
2. By car – you can get to the central entrance of the clinic from Kostiantynivska St. through “cinematographic” arche. It is also possible to park a car in the parking lot near the square on the street Yaroslavska.

Avanto (Pechersk) Dental Clinic

киев стоматология печерский район

1. By Metro – Pecherska, walk on the street Lasya Ukrainka to the side of The Ivan Bohun Military High School. The building where the clinic is placed is located behind the CEC building and has a wave-shaped roof.
2. By car – the first arrival to the central entrance of the clinic is possible from Lesya Ukrainka St. behind The Ivan Bohun Military High School. Also it is possible to get there from the side of Staronavodnytska St., the turn is near the pointer of TSARSKY sport club. The building where the clinic is placed has a wave-shaped roof.