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Dental Prophylaxis before and after Pregnancy

Modern dentistry includes such types of dental treatment, which take several months, and at the same time guarantee a perfect and long-term result. For example, such types of treatment include teeth implantation, permanent prosthetics or orthodontic treatment (using braces or wearing special mouthguards).

If you still have enough time before the planned pregnancy and you need long-term dental treatment, it is best to go to the doctor without any hesitation. As a rule, we are talking about a period of several months before the planned pregnancy. For example, in the case of implantation, the period of bone-implant healing lasts from 3 to 6 months. At this time, you may also need to take special medications or antibiotics, which is highly undesirable during pregnancy. There is a similar situation in case of wearing braces. Therefore, dental prophylaxis and long-term treatment, as well as tooth extraction and other types of dental procedures, are recommended to be carried out in advance, before pregnancy. As for orthodontic treatment, for example, the installation of braces is recommended after the birth of the child, at the end of the breastfeeding period.

Smoking and pregnancy

If you smoked before pregnancy, then you should quit as soon as you know that you will become a mother. You should visit the dentist immediately in order to, after thorough diagnostics, identify some of the effects of smoking that need to be urgently addressed. For example, this is a professional teeth cleaning and removal of plaque.

It is known that smokers are prone to the rapid formation of intense dental plaque. During pregnancy, hormonal adjustment takes place, which, with insufficient oral hygiene and the presence of dental deposits and plaque, contributes to the development of a “violent reaction” in the form of bleeding, gingival papilla overgrowth, the loose adjacency of the gums to the teeth or bad breath.

As the resistance of oral tissue to infections is reduced, there is an increased risk of the occurrence of gingivitis or periodontitis. As a rule, smokers have chronic vitamin C deficiency, since most of the vitamin C that comes from food is spent on suppressing the harmful effects of nicotine and various resins. As a result of the lack of this vitamin, a decrease in the resistance of oral tissue to the effects of various infections develops, thus increasing the risk of gingivitis and periodontitis. An expectant mother who was a smoker in the past may need to pass monthly oral hygiene and other preventive procedures.

Pregnant women’s teeth hyperesthesia

The lack of calcium and other minerals, usual for pregnant women, leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth and gums (especially if the woman used to smoke) since the minerals lacking for the growth of the unborn baby come from the bone tissue and teeth of the future mother. In such a situation, special vitamin-mineral complexes, which obstetrician-gynecologists recommend to take during pregnancy, have a positive effect. But despite this, noticeable white (chalky) stains on the tooth enamel are revealed during the examination of pregnant women. In such cases, additional enrichment of tooth enamel with minerals (for example, fluorine or calcium) is required.

If you take care of the health of your teeth and gums in time, as well as observe proper oral hygiene, this will have a beneficial effect not only on the health of the future mother but also on her baby. For example, you need to timely cure all inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa and get rid of dental caries. Thus, you level the risk of intrauterine infection and caries in the future. It is also recommended to carry out the necessary dental treatment in advance, because after the birth of the baby, a lot of worries appear, which reduces the possibility of free time in order to complete complex treatment of the teeth.

In case of minor defects of enamel, dentists of Avanto clinics recommend having professional teeth cleaning carried out once in 3 months. Timely treatment of dental caries and use of special toothpaste instead of the usual one are recommended for a certain period of time. The hygienist will individually select for you the right means to maintain oral hygiene during pregnancy. If necessary, we will conduct the safest and effective treatment of any dental diseases in comfortable conditions for a future mother.


Avanto (Center) Dental Clinic

стоматология в киеве центр

1. By Metro – Palace Ukraine, walk to the side of Predslavynska St., left turn into Novopecherskyi Lane. The clinic is placed in Prestige Hall residential complex, the entrance is from the side of Vasyl Tyutyunnik St.
2. By car – you can get to the central entrance to the clinic from Ionna Pavla II St. (the former – Patrisa Lumumby St.), turn into Vasyl Tyutyunnik St.

Avanto (Podil) Dental Clinic

киев стоматология подольский район

1. By Metro – Kontraktova Ploshcha, walk on the street Kostiantynivska towards “Zhovten” cinema. The entrance to “cinematographic” arche.
2. By car – you can get to the central entrance of the clinic from Kostiantynivska St. through “cinematographic” arche. It is also possible to park a car in the parking lot near the square on the street Yaroslavska.

Avanto (Pechersk) Dental Clinic

киев стоматология печерский район

1. By Metro – Pecherska, walk on the street Lasya Ukrainka to the side of The Ivan Bohun Military High School. The building where the clinic is placed is located behind the CEC building and has a wave-shaped roof.
2. By car – the first arrival to the central entrance of the clinic is possible from Lesya Ukrainka St. behind The Ivan Bohun Military High School. Also it is possible to get there from the side of Staronavodnytska St., the turn is near the pointer of TSARSKY sport club. The building where the clinic is placed has a wave-shaped roof.